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Post by Devender Singh Rana on Fri Sep 09, 2016 1:54 pm

Well I am trying to consolidate list of things needed for successful tour currently here ...since I just started composing it so its not complete ...anyway its of no use to you but just for me I no problem ...right? This is my personal site? I can do whatever Smile

My probable backpack stuff for the possible incoming tour! Should be within 7-8 kilos sans cycle spares or tools which I wont carry on backpack! Its just for cycle only as far it goes  Smile

This list is in primary stage composition so not yet complete and in raw stage...just anything that comes to my mind... I ll optimize it later for real backpacking! Smile

Area Maps! 
1 Backpack
1 tent (with net lining facility for warm and mosquito infected camping sites)
1 warm enough sleeping bag
I bedsheet for daytime rest at lil warmer climate...kya pata kahan sone ka mood aa jaye yah road blocks pe? Smile
1 raincoat
1 good plastic covering for save backpack things or erected tent in rainy day 

1 pair Jungle shoes for normal trekking
1 pair GumBoots for wet jungle & snow
1 pair sandles or good slippers....agar jayada thand na hoh toh good motey rubber slippers are the best..especially during day time to ride bicycle. Shoes uncomfortable ho jatey saale..jaissa meine dekha hai...woh videshi chora bahut sahi dimaag lagaish hai sandal mein!   Smile

1 plastic or foam mattress...and I am thinking of some good rollable plastic so that can be used as sledge to drag cycle on heavy snow parts easily! or wud invent some fordable or reusable temp clamp sledge for it! U just cant drag it all the way always on snow without such help! Log bagh yahan saale cows ko le ke ja rahe cycle ricksaw mein toh hum apni choti si cycle ko nahin le ja saktey? LOL

Clothing Section - (All these things should be such size to be wearable over one another in severe cold climates...backpack khaali! LOL)

2 jackets (actually my two winter jackets are worthy of one in cold climates LOL)
1 pair warm inners
2 jeans (one to wear other in back pack)
2 full sheleves cotton shirts (ditto)
1 warm sweater

4 undershirts
2 pair under pants
1 warm muffler
1 angocha
1 towel

3-4 handkerchiefs
1 pair woolen gloves
1 pair cycling gloves
2 pairs woollen socks!

1 large brim hat or farmers hat
1 dark googles

1 Good strength nylon rope of comfortable length (multi purpose)
1 dozen hanging clips
1 lil ariel washing powder pack
1 bathing soap
1 tooth brush
1 toothpaste
1 powder or deodorant bottle
1 mug

1 saving kit (mirror, brush, razor, nail cutter, scissor, pocket knife etc, few used blades)
1 3-cell chinese torch for longer scans during night!

few candles for emergency

few crackers to take care of stray wild animals ...lathi bhaala ek dam emergency situation ke liye na face to face!  direct inevitable confrontation! Smile

Camp site kitchen stuffs
1 kitchen knife
1 light weight plastic grater or slicer
1 multipurpose 3" ht 10-12" dia light weight aluminium pan (for dough, roti making, daal sabji chai or anything)
1 mug (aluminium)
1 pack paper cups
1 thermos for hot chai or milk on way
2 litre water least 2 litres I will carry...yeh saala apne mein ek bojh hai kasam se! Smile
1 pack tissue paper
1 toilet paper roll

3-4 chinese ciggerate gas lighters Wink

Packaging Tape
1 adhesive tape (most probably wiring)
few feviglue tube strips

1 sewing needle medium and one big and some fine and majboot thread. 
fishing wire for sewing or simple thin ropes or rashi to tie something  in place

Fooding stuff - (for two days isolated tread at most) not more than 2.5 to 3 kilo all total
1/2 kg sabut chana daal
1/2 kg moong dal
1 kg rice

some onions
some garlics pieces
1-2 adrak pieces

some vegetable like patta gobi etc whtever

1 big bread or 8-10 bun pack
2 biscuit packets

1 small chai pack 
1/4 kg sugar

few squash powder packs

lil kaali mirch (for chai or what ever)
5-6 masala packets (5 rs one)
A quarter bottle mustard oil (come handy for muscle maalish, hair or preparing food etc...all in one LOL)

Aur thodha swaad ke anusaar namak Wink

(I think except rice all these things can be easily eaten raw Smile ...and we'll re-stuff back on the way)

Medicinal stuff

First of all 1 half bottle good wine or rum...might come handy during severe chill or body pain...dunno what I am gonna get into Smile

Lil import quality home grown ganja..globs ne provide kiy hai..pucho? Wink LOL - pee loh toh khench do cycle bees tees KM toh assey hi LOL ...Chahe saale baad mein destination pe jake ke behosh ho jao..par ush samay kheench dogey pakkaa! Wink
Doosra saala woh pata nahin kya hai...garam ko marta hai...pasiney ko! hot summers mein toh best hai in lil quantity! Phir dhun lag jati hai nikal lo saale ko! Bt shopuld be very limited occasional rare use I suppose at least on long drives like this! jayada mein saala gabdha jata aadmi khud hi ...jassi situation mein apan hai abhi isolated! Khabhi khabhi ajeeb sa ho jata na isolation mein Smile

Brufen and paracetamol pain killer strips
Desentry/vomiting tablets
fever/cold tablets

some baam or move spray
1 mosquito repellent gel or tube

1 boroplus and lil glycerin or Vaseline whtever

1 glucose pack
few dehydration packets


some water purifier iodine or any tablets

Tip they say: garlic as soup or otherwise can be effective natural remedy for the low levels of oxygen at high attitudes that might cause nausea and shortness of breath. Medicine like Diamox can be other alternative to keep along.


My multipurpose basketball Smile...wud donate it to some kids on the way when not required Wink

1 good baansh ki lathi with typical fork & detachable bhaala arrangement to cross or check deep waters along with our rope or from wild life protection in remote jungles Smile ...mujhe abni pani mein tairna nahin aata pata hai? Smile ...wahin pahadhi gadero mein sikhenge saale ko kaam bhar ka! Wink LOL

My specialise improvised dathul or khukri...aka gadhansa..for taking care of fire wood or some other useful purposes in remote jungles ..apna koi plan nahin kaho dil aa jaye aur thodha bahut khaney ka stuff ho toh akele hi remotest isolated jungle mein dera daal ke mahino baith jayein. Smile

My stupid Laptop (Most probably this one only during bicycle rides & wud abandon or safeplace it with someone somewhere if deemed necessary during occasional foot trekking spheres rounds...or we can always chain cycle to some jungle tree or pole till we come back to collect it! Theft is not a problem for me! I will find him/her whoever! np! Yehi toh ish puri trekking trip ka purpose hai ..between your whole globs party and me! Wink ...haago muto aur jitna karna hai...jish ched se hagogey mutogey na ushi rastey thansh dunga tumhare ander hi wapish baad mein dekhna...puri party ke woh bhi! Smile

My old Cannon Powershot camera (if possibly get it back from baba I'll get her a better one when I come back from trip if ever...this time I dont have that much money to get one Smile ..or we'll just use phone one...humhe saali khon sa thessis likhni travel pe? LOL ...ja rahe toh ja rahe..nahin jayenge toh nahin jayenge! Kuch globs party ke asli ungli karenge phir ish baar apan bhi! Smile

And of course  my duffer nokia express music phone - will exchange it with bua ji's lava smartphone on the way! Wink

2-3 phone memory cards and camera slotter to use them in it as well. Might have to leave laptop altogether somewhere u c Smile

And last not the least my binoculars! Arey jo bhi hain humare baba ke the! Smile

Skates pappu ke chutanku ko de jayenge jaatey jaatey...lekin abhi nahin...kal ki try bekaar gayi tumhari globs! Wink
Haan woh le leta roller blades! Smile

Bicycle spares  (all these remains on and with bicycle only and shouldn't be more than 3-4 kgs all total)

Riding gear (helmet, knee and elbow guards etc.)
Back mirror for heavy traffic roads
Cycle dynamo (with battery charger arrangement for mobile phone & laptop batteries)
Some speedometer or Kms tracker thing like our that videshi lad but aint that necessary Smile
3-4 head lamp bulbs
few small wires strips for unsuspected repairs.

1 cyclepump
1 tyre - might come handy for some other things as well Smile ...but this is not that necessary I suppose ..since we'll be changing new on start! Smile
2 tubes
2-3 tube valve body and its rubber casing strip.
10-12 nos puncture stickers
1 old tube part for puncture repairs
1 rubber glue (in case we get short on stikers or big brust!)
1 lil old tyre part for gautter repair.
1 Medium size Plastic Bucket (for puncture test and repair or washing clothes or other usual works. Might be a good hat as well sometimes! Wink Door se dhikhai dega alag hi piece! pehchanney mein dikat nahin hogi logon ko! LOL ..I think a 20 litre broad base plastic paint bucket with liltle top cropping wud be the best! We need just 6-8 inches height at most for all our purposes...apan feets se kapdhey dhotey na..haath se nahin! Smile

12-13 14-15 no pannas, and multirinch, plus single rinch for tuning inner nut of wheel axle
1 screw driver
1 plaas

half dozen spokes
1 ball bearing charraa packet
1 surplus freewheel (might)
lil strip of chain for emergency chain repairs.
2 pair brake pads
2 brake wires
some grease and cycle oil
just few extra small screws or nuts vulnerable to getting lost or damaged (not more than 4-6)

more sections or items will be added as come to my
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